Teaching Projects

There is one subpage (linked below) for each teaching project.

Team leaders should rename the subpages with their theme once they've picked one.

Here are a few ideas that could be used to start with:

"Stretch" Pencil Code Examples by David or Martijn ... for example:
jmpress presentations
timeline using timeline.js
madlibs generating prose using an array
music generating music in code
worldmap using gviz mapping api
demographics using census data on a map
drifter making subclasses
spreadsheet loading data from a spreadsheet
clickpaint functions and mouse events
font keyboard events and functions
drawimage reading the r,g,b pixels out of an image

Actual student work by Kinsby or Abigail34 or or others:
Connecticut professionals who owned slaves:  Example,Example 2
Estimates of percentages of  Black colonial population in MA:  Example

Pencil Code materials: