Kader - Data Visualizations

Seed team:
Kader Adjout kadjout@bcdschool.org
Melissa Alkire malkire@bcdschool.org
Geeta Jain gjain@bcdschool.org
Colin McMillen mcmillen@google.com

Seed ideas:
Help students create data visualizations (infographs, maps, charts) from multiple sources using a spreadsheet. This will enable students to be creative in the way they present the information. This type of visualizations could be used in presentations, debates, and research paper presentations. Students are good at organizing their research in the form of presentations and papers, but it is usually a copy/paste of what they found on the net that they just re-state; this lesson would help them use coding to organize their research, and get them to think creatively about ways to present it. Instead of being just passive recipient of the data, they are using coding to interpret and create their own visualizations of that data.

Use datacandy and politicsmap ittrends to create different types of visualizations.
Step 1: how to pull data from spreadsheet
Step 2: ways to present the data from very simple to more complex
Step 3: create a cheat sheet for teachers and students to create visualizations and how to make it accessible

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